The year of the Tiger 2010 – 新年快樂!

新年快樂 – “xīnnián kuàilè” This is Chinese for Happy New Year. I thought I would take this opportunity to show case some of my work for the local Chinese community.

Below on the left is the digital backdrop image I created and on the right is a photo of my sister and I in front of the printed backdrop.

Tiger backdrop

Chocolates were made for The Chinese New Year and required a sticker to place on the gold foil. I needed to create a  2 colour design on a transparent background. I created 5 stickers.

And the winner is…

This Design was just much more clear. The Tiger was also cute but we were afraid it looked too much like a kitty cat. The 2nd image (left to right from the top)  is a “Yuan Bao” 元寶. It’s the ancient Chinese monetary unit which in this case symbolizes wealth. We were also afraid no one would know what this strange boat shaped thing was, so therefore the winning “fú” 福 design. “fú” 福 is the Chinese word for good fortune and happiness.

Oh, by the way the chocolates were delicious too!


4 Responses to “The year of the Tiger 2010 – 新年快樂!”

  1. backdrop is wicked

  2. There are Chinese people in South Africa????!!!

  3. cool! Great way of showcasing your work! love the backdrop… if only I could taste the fortune and happiness chocolate!

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