Why she got no arms no legs?

Okay, so what is this little thing? Why’s she crying? Where are her arms and legs? How does she move? Why does she move?

At the moment she’s my representative. This is how I feel inside. Sad, alone and depressed. She’s got no arms or legs because that is how I feel,  there is nothing I can do about the situation.  She is crying because she’s lost her heart. The only movement she has is a rocking motion, back and forth, back and forth. Just going through the motions of life, back and forth back and forth.



3 Responses to “Why she got no arms no legs?”

  1. rocking back and forward?! hmm… so she is like daruma… then quick, make a wish and it will come true!!

  2. “For every dark cloud, there will always be a silver line behind it” – I felt you, I was in a similar situation like you before. But i wasn’t feeling it as hard as you are I suppose.

    But I got through it already, and left behind the dark cloud. So you must leave it behind you as well. The silver line will follow…..

  3. You know? I’m feeling exactly the same right now… what you’ve been through, I’m feeling it right now…. even worst…..
    I felt it! I do… I really really do…….

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