A blog a day keeps me busy and the blues away.

It feels so bad when you love someone so much but they don’t appreciate your love or think badly about you. I try so hard, but the good intention is always turned into a self destructing weapon. I have totally given up on that part of my life.

For me, that is a really difficult part of myself to give up because my motivation for life is love. I know there are different types of love- family and friendship, which still give me hope. But it’s still a part of me thats died. My motto used to be “live to love and love to live”, now it is the old saying “live to work or work to live” , both are the same to me, who actually cares?


Pencil on paper


2 Responses to “A blog a day keeps me busy and the blues away.”

  1. Don’t worry, you will find true love… Someone whom will actually care for you & will vowed to never hurt you… It will come…..

  2. everything will be OK 🙂 the main thing is belief and hope.
    Maybe your destiny will come tommorow,who knows? 🙂

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