Origins of “tmei”

A few people have asked me what does “tmei” mean?

Well, actually this is a nick name given to me by friends. In chinese it means ” t girl” or “t sister” (at least thats what I hope it means!)

But I looked up the Chinese Pinyin “Mei” and it came up with a whole lot of words. Beautiful, roses, strawberry, etc. Have a look at

I have used tmei to make customized header using 8 Chinese characters and 8 different type of “t” fonts.  We chinese just love the number 8, because when you say it in Chinese it sounds a lot like another word in Chinese which means “rich” or “wealth”.



One Response to “Origins of “tmei””

  1. I think the pinyin for “mei” suits you very well – You have all the qualities “Mei” means!!

    You are such a wonderful person!! Smile….. ^_^

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