Princess Gemsound and Subwoofy

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Have you ever looked at something for so long it starts to take a life of it’s own? I was working on a photo shoot for a client who sells electronic goods like speakers, cables and radios. The photos are going to be used in his brochure. After a while (a hundred photos or so) I began to see something and I’d like to share it with you.

So with a little photoshop manipulation. I can introduce you to Princess Gemsound and Subwoofy! Maybe one day they will conquer the world! (click to enlarge the image)


Most 3D movies are such a ripoff!

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Have you ever noticed that most of the movies nowadays are 3D and most of the time the 3D effects are minimal and not even necessary.  I don’t mind paying a little extra for a spectacular 3D scene where the things are like actually gonna hit me in the eye, but come on, give me my money’s worth! Off the top of my head 3D Rio and 3D The Priest are totally rip offs. Don’t waste your money.

Business card redesign.

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This client was moving offices and wanted a new look for her practice. She wanted a logo that embodied balance and the spine (the core) since she is a chiropractor and pilates instructor. Her old business card did not have any of this, it was kind of boring.

Old business card

The new business card I redesigned is much more bright with eye catching apple green. The focus is on the figure which is in a meditative pose, balanced and at peace. The spine is highlighted and the image successfully embodies both of the client’s practices.

New business card.

New business card.

The year of the Tiger 2010 – 新年快樂!

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新年快樂 – “xīnnián kuàilè” This is Chinese for Happy New Year. I thought I would take this opportunity to show case some of my work for the local Chinese community.

Below on the left is the digital backdrop image I created and on the right is a photo of my sister and I in front of the printed backdrop.

Tiger backdrop

Chocolates were made for The Chinese New Year and required a sticker to place on the gold foil. I needed to create a  2 colour design on a transparent background. I created 5 stickers.

And the winner is…

This Design was just much more clear. The Tiger was also cute but we were afraid it looked too much like a kitty cat. The 2nd image (left to right from the top)  is a “Yuan Bao” 元寶. It’s the ancient Chinese monetary unit which in this case symbolizes wealth. We were also afraid no one would know what this strange boat shaped thing was, so therefore the winning “fú” 福 design. “fú” 福 is the Chinese word for good fortune and happiness.

Oh, by the way the chocolates were delicious too!

From design to product.

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dinner set

Stripe Design

Stripe Design

Okay so for this simple stripe design, the colours are specifically chosen according to theme/trends and then placed on the design, sent to factory and “WAA LAH!” It comes out looking like the photo.

The fish brought a friend.

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I was messing with the placement of the fish and out popped this lady.

It’s always a welcome to meet new friends. I’ve met a few lately and it’s a start to new beginnings, exciting stuff!

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